Henley Hii resides in Kuala Lumpur but his birth place, Sabah, has a special place in his heart. Young Henley was an introvert but was active in sporting activities such as swimming and rock climbing. The extrovert in the family was his brother who was the favourite of his parents. Henley Hii, on the other hand, was shy and refrained from being in the limelight, but this was not a hurdle in his path to success.

As his interest in singing and his talent became known, and with the support of his parents, he gradually overcame his stage fright and started taking part in singing competitions. In 2003, a classmate of Henley Hii, realising the singing skills he possessed, suggested that Henley perform at his college's annual convocation. Together with a friend, Henley Hii not only performed well at the event, but went on to do gigs in different clubs with this friend. Thus, it was in 2003 that Henley Hii formally entered the singing industry.

In 2005, Henley Hii was approached by a music producer. In 2006, he started speech training under a singing production company but unfortunately was not able to continue with the training. Henley then went on to work as a waiter but his fans recognized him, and the restaurant manager hired him as a resident singer after requesting Henley to take the mic on that same night. In 2007, Henley took part in the ‘Project Superstar" competition, and emerged the champion.

Now, Henley is into acting as well. The characters he portrays are polar opposites of his true personality. But being the talented person he is, Henley has proven his acting skills as well.